Topic 3 Results

In order to measure the results of the development of a circular economy, a company can implement a performance management system so that employees are encouraged to improve their skills that would be related to the development of a circular economy. Thus, in order to establish a great working environment within a greener and cleaner atmosphere the performance management system should include sustainability policies and strategies.

The use of a global system that can help a company to collect data can be a great idea in order to overcome the difficulties when measuring data and the environmental performances developed by the company. When addressing the green goals and compromises the company is trying to achieve, we should take into consideration the importance of raising awareness about sustainability, encouraging workers to be aware of the situation and take part in the development of green initiatives. Eventually, the role of a performance management implemented in a circular economy system would be to analyse and get a clear result regarding the company’s impact and its ecological objectives, stating clear goals and elaborating plans and policies that adapt to those goals.