Topic 3 Result-Oriented PSS

A result-oriented Product–Service Systems describe the sale of a service or capability instead of the sale of the product. The product itself may not be easily identified and the ownership rights are retained by the service provider. Risks are taken over by the provider and the customer loses power over means, but this PSS type implies new ways of function fulfillment.

What does the case study of Philips pay-per-lux can tell us? The customer does not buy fluorescent lamps to illuminate his space but pays Philips company for the lighting of the space according to the supplied intensity of the radiation (the customer pays for lux per day). The fluorescent lamps are owned by Philips, which takes care of the replacement of fluorescent lamps and maintenance of luminaires.

Source: Philips, NO Centrum kontinuálneho vzdelávania

Let’s learn more about Philips´s “Pay per Lux” solution in real life: