Topic 3 Personal career action plan

Now you have an idea about transferable, green skills and related job opportunities available, it is time to come up with a Career Action Plan. What are you looking for in the long run? How can you benefit most from your strengths? And what can you do to further develop skills with room for improvement? This section will provide you with the right tools to get started.

Now you have your Career Action Plan developed, no challenge in sustainability should stop you. You are all set to challenge a greener future, well done!

To sum up:

Well done on completing this module! You now know more about transferable skills and green skills and you have assessed your own.Also, you are now able to identify how environmental sustainability and the circular economy could make their way into your workplace and how to use your transferable skills to be ready for this challenge. Your personal action plan will help you in the future when thinking about further steps in your career. Why not take your Career Plan to your next job interview or performance review?

Good luck!

Well done on completing this module and the whole course!

Let’s now take the Final assessment quiz, with which you will be able to get your certification

for completing successfully this course.