Topic 3 Bringing the matter to the table

Negotiation skills are essential for your work and everyday life in general. When working in a big or small company you may come across a bargaining challenge that needs you to be alert and well prepared. This may occur also in everyday life and it goes from negotiating which movie to see to negotiating your salary rate.

Some tips that can lead to a successful negotiation are:

1.Overcoming Barriers to Negotiating: If you feel reluctant about your position in the prospect of failure or embarrassment, try preparing before a meeting! Think of different scenarios (rejection, bad mood) and plan possible answers. Try to self-reflect more and be honest with your co-speaker, give them also time and space to answer and think about your arguments.

2.Do your Research: Focus on finding out the history of the other party. The more you know about them, the better offers you can formulate and the better chances you will have to see your final proposal accepted. Any info about the people you are going to negotiate with, will help you improve your relationship with them in the short term and build bridges to establish future relationships.

3.Plan Your Negotiation: Set a frame to your negotiation: you will set not only a ‘walk away point’ but also a goal that would satisfy you in order to defend it.

4.Adopt a Win-Win Philosophy in Negotiations: Keep in mind that it is very important to create a situation where both parties will win something out of the deal. Win-win paradoxically requires a simultaneous concern for self and the other, which ultimately leads to collaboration .

5.Negotiate in Groups: Believe in the power of many! Having a well-prepared, multi-subject group on your side can lead to an even stronger position and validity of your arguments.