Topic 2 Use-Oriented PSS

In the use-oriented Product-Service Systems, the product ownership rights remain at the service provider, while the customer purchases the use or the availability of the product over a specific period or units. The provider is interested in high usage along with a reduction of the number of products. In this case, greater environmental benefits are expected.

Let’s have a look on another interesting case study. Electric car rental system Sharengo is being introduced in several European cities. Most people need a car to travel to and from work, sometimes for a shopping or visit. Most of the time, however, the car stands in the parking lot (at work, at home).

The shared car is available in reserved parking lots, from where anyone can rent it for payment via a specific application and park it in one of the reserved parking lots after use. The system operator takes care of battery recovery, service and mandatory inspections at his own expense. The car is thus used more intensively and the requirements for static transport in cities are reduced.

Let’s watch this video to have a better understanding: