Topic 2 Put your skills in the circular context

Here we introduce you to a new methodology on how to develop your projects, projects that lead to change. The Theory of change has its own canvas for working that is different from the business canvas that is usually followed to create profit. Watch the video which explains exactly how important the Theory of Change is, for you to make a change in the world through your job but also as a person:

  • Having watched the video and going back to the Teemill case under the first unit, you are now invited to think it over and make it your own. Can you insert it to a Theory of Change canvas? At which part of the process do you place yourself and which skills or talents do you think are of importance to arrive to change, to your green goal?
  • Use the same case study or another one of your preference from the top green initiatives of 2020 that you can find here to find inspiration and relation to. Make a poster of occupations related to the project, try to identify a job position that matches your profile, explain why you are adequate for this job and what skills you would need to arrive to your goal.

Next you will find the Theory of Change Canvas board where you can develop the project you picked out.