Topic 2 Methodologies: Green human resource management

Green Human Resource Management is defined as a variety of practices and policies that promote green and clean behaviour in a company. In order to create awareness among employees and promote environmental sensibility companies should take into consideration the organisation of the workplace and encourage everybody to act responsibly. The image in the next slide summarizes the main steps in order to implement sustainability.

The importance of sustainability and its role within ecology is crucial in the development of a company nowadays. By implementing a Green HRM, the company will incorporate new ecological practices to the human resources world, complementing each other and guiding the company to a better future.

Having environmental vision is crucial in order to develop actions within the CE system that is why the role of a Green Human Resources Management starts even before hiring new employees. During the process of designing or approving job descriptions together with other departments for the newcomers it is important to highlight the tasks related to environmental protection and state clearly a company’s social and ecological concerns.