Topic 2 Follow the info path

By using the tool of social media – which is embedded in your everyday life – you will now be called to reflect on information connected to the circular economy that is published online.

Make your thorough research as to where the information comes from and how it is presented. Try to identify the purpose of this information, publication, announcement.

Through the next exercise you will learn to think critically; become a smart consumer of products and information; recognise another point of view; create media responsibly; identify the role of media in our culture; understand the author’s goal.

By using hashtags related to the subject like #circulareconomy #recycling #reuse #remanufacturing #upcycling etc., you are invited to look on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or another type of social media you are using, for content connected to the circular economy and start thinking:

  • Where do the data come from? (Check your sources)
  • Have you cross-check the data with other sources to be sure they are true?
  • How is the information presented?
  • What details are left out, and why?
  • Do any of the data have more of an impact on you and why?

Well done! Now you can continue to Module 6!