Topic 1 Products end-of-life in 3 economic models

Researchers now describe 3 different models in our economy, that show how waste can be approached in different ways and that have a different ecological impact.

Take a look at the diagrams below and try to understand the differences between the circular economy model, the linear economy and the reuse economy.

Write down in a notepad a small paragraph explaining the processes of the 3 models shortly. Then compare your answer with the text that follows.

Which model is mainly followed in your house / work / country? Could you think of three ways to move closer towards a circular economy that you could start doing by yourself? Write 3 practices.

In order to extend the life of the products, as we saw in a previous unit, we can try to reduce the use of new products and reuse old ones. Also, we can maintain and repair certain products such as clothes, mobile phones or electrical appliances. As consumers, we have a responsibility to reconsider our consumer behaviour and at least try some of the good practices presented. Why not try remanufactured products? In the next topic, you can find out more details about the remanufacturing process in the industrial sector.