Topic 1 Locating and identifying information

Information and media literacy are life skills that are necessary for full participation in our media-saturated, information-rich society. These include the ability to – among others – make responsible choices and access information by locating and sharing materials and  comprehending information and ideas; analyse messages by cross checking the origin of the content, the quality of them, sources and credibility; apply social responsibility and ethical principles to reflect on someone’s behaviour; take social action by working individually and collaboratively; to share knowledge and solve problems in the family, workplace and community, and by participating as a member of a community. For applying for jobs online, you need skills to find relevant information or to take advantage of online educational opportunities, people need to have a good understanding of how knowledge is constructed.

In this unit you will work on these missing competencies on analysing wording and messages better.

You will now be introduced to the terms of information and media literacy with the video below explaining what is at stake and how to pay attention to identify fake news and also the source the information comes from.