Topic 1 Innovative approach to deal with Circular Economy

Working for Circular Economy means focusing on innovative approach, considering strategies that could transform old job positions in unexpected source of income. With this in mind, we would like to involve you in a learning activity aimed at demonstrating how CE could impact your career.

Take the time to talk to your employer and conduct a short interview, using the following questions:

– Did you already think about the fact that your job might change?

– How do you think the circular economy could be brought into your company?

– Has your company already taken steps towards the CE?

– What are your thoughts about it?

Through these answers you will be able to find out at what point your working reality is and perhaps propose an update to your colleagues using the skills you have acquired through the CICLO learning platform. Finally, to evaluate the impact that the CE can have on professional life, we will present a case study that demonstrates the importance of knowing how to adapt to the needs of the moment in order not to be left behind:

Let’s have a look on the case study of BioPak’s. You can read it here: Closing the loop on single-use food packaging.

The rapidly growing takeaway food sector results in many single-use plastic containers being discarded every year. Recycling is generally impractical due to contamination caused by food residues, so takeaway packaging most often ends up in landfill. Reusable containers should be implemented wherever possible, but this is sometimes not practical, leaving a proportion that remains single use. BioPak’s compostable foodservice packaging made from renewable plant-based materials offers a partial solution for the foodservice items that remain single-use. Simply substituting a compostable alternative is not circular on its own. By also providing a collection and composting service, BioPak has created a circular system, ensuring that packaging and importantly, the food it contains does end up being composted thus contributing to the preservation of healthy soils. BioPak has made its compost service available to more than 2000 postcodes across Australia and New Zealand. Since launch, 200 companies have joined together, diverting 660 tonnes of compostable packaging and food scraps from landfill and creating 66,000 bags of nutrient rich compost.