Topic 1 Delivering the message

Interpersonal skills, also known as people skills or emotional intelligence, are related to the way you communicate and interact with others. They will help you not only in your everyday life but also in your professional environment.

Many jobs involve collaboration and interaction with different types of people, and interpersonal skills are vital to make this happen. For any job even a technical one, you might need to interact with colleagues or clients regularly, often sharing complicated information or having to listen carefully to requirements. Having excellent technical capabilities on your resume won’t necessarily be enough to get you the job.

Which do you think are your interpersonal skills and how can you improve them? Put down some notes on a piece of paper.

Now watch this video about interpersonal skills:

After you have seen the video go back to your notes and make changes if you think you want to add / remove something. According to the video, which are the ways to improve them? Write them down.