Further readings

  1. This registered charity based in the UK works since 2009 to spread knowledge and inspiration about how to create a different view of our possible future through the conceptual and practical frameworks of circular economy. In their website, you can find different projects that they have taken part in, theoretical resources and information about their work and history: https://www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/explore
  2. The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is the largest international network of circular economy professionals and organizations with over 260 CEC local chapters in over 110 countries. Non-for-profit, global and open to anyone to join the club for free: https://www.circulareconomyclub.com/gd-home/about-cec/
  3. Composed of a broad spectrum of organisations with a pan-European reach, the Coordination Group enables and implements change through its workplan of activities, showing concretely how synergies can accelerate the transition.
    With a mandate until 2023, the Group brings together 24 members selected from civil society organisations, business and trade union representatives, think-tanks, research centres and public bodies that have a stake in the circular economy:https://circulareconomy.europa.eu/platform/en/coordination-group